Yaesu FT-101 Repair
-Nothing but Yaesu FT-101 radios serviced here-

Parts for your FT-101: Here is a list of specific Parts and Services your FT-101 may need during the course of alignment or repair. I look for high quality replacement parts before I try to save 50-cents.

FT-101 Parts with Alignment Service
-all old parts are returned for your inspection-
Part Description Price
Chassis Lamps
These are the 14V 0.12a bulbs behind the S-meter and VFO. Replaced in pairs for even illumination. Free installation.
$4 pair
Receiver Lamp
This is a 16V bulb in-series with the receiver. It protects the sensitive front-end of the receiver against overload. Free installation and test with Alignment Service. Do not jumper around this bulb!
$2 ea
6JS6C Tubes
A matched-pair of 6JSC6 Power Amplifier tubes. Only if a full replacement is necessary- or upon request. I have several of these in stock. Each pair is tested. Free burn-in, neutralization, and bias adjust with Alignment Service.
$90 installed
Neutralization Capacitor Mod
If your FT-101 does not have the original Toshiba Green Stripe tubes, they may not neutralize properly and therefore prone to self-oscillation (take-off) leading to self-destruction. The 100pf capacitor (C125) must be replaced in the high voltage tank circuit. Free cold cathode neutralization (the correct way, the only way) with Alignment Service.
$20 installed
12BY7A Tube
This is the RF pre-driver amplifier tube. A weak pre-driver will make a good pair of 6JS6C tubes ($$) look bad! Everything must work together. Free burn-in, installation, and test with Alignment Service.
$15 installed
AC Power Cord
If your AC Power Cord is 2-wire factory original (non-grounded!), let me install a 3-wire grounded power cord on your original factory connector. A new 6-foot 3-wire power cord is installed- including a grounded jumper to the Chassis Grounding wingnut on the rear. Stay grounded!
$15 total


Additional FT-101 Services
-all old parts are returned for your inspection-
Service Description Price
Jackson Ball Drive
The Main VFO and Tuning Knob are controlled by a 6:1 ratio Jackson Ball Drive. Sloppy or erratic tuning is a result of this device slipping. Fix it once and for all. Restore the original tuning feel. Free installation.
$30 total
AM Transmit Audio Modification
Those that want deeper, richer, and fuller transmitted AM audio will want this service. This is the original 1976 W1FAF (the AM guru) FT-101's modifications to the AUDIO and MOD Boards.
$45 total
High Voltage Filter Capacitors
The large pair of High Voltage capacitors used as voltage-doubler provides the +750 Volts for the Power Amplifier tubes. This circuit is unregulated so it must be well filtered. New uprated 150uF/500V capacitors provide extra filtering. Installed.
$40 pair
Regulator Unit re-Cap
Replace all of the electrolytic capacitors on the Regulator Board. 43+ year old capacitors can lose their filtering capability. The power supply must be rock-solid. Includes: parts, test, and alignment (Precision 6V rail, Bias pot (60ma), and 10 MHz Frequency Calibrator).
$45 total
Audio Unit re-Cap
Replace all of the cracked mica capacitors (27 total). Replace all Electrolytic capacitors (24 total). Prices include all parts and labor.
$35 or $60 total
Single Board Test
Tube Test
If you only need a single board tested or repaired- just send it! Use the "if it fits, it ships" at USPS. Even the box is free. No sense sending a 35 lbs delicate radio round trip. Boards, tubes, modifications, parts... just ask!