Yaesu FT-101 Repair
-Nothing but Yaesu FT-101 radios serviced here-

Parts for your FT-101: Here is a list of specific Parts and Services your FT-101 may need during the course of alignment or repair. I look for high quality replacement parts before I try to save 50-cents.

FT-101 Parts with Alignment Service
-all old parts are returned for your inspection-
Part Purpose Price
3SK40 MOSFET This is the main Receive Transistor. If your 43+ year old 3SK40 is more than one S-unit below a new replacement- it will be replaced! I cannot return a radio to you knowing that it is 6dB below peak value on receive. I buy in bulk and then test each one. Only the top-performers are used. Free installation with before/after results with Alignment Service. $10 ea
Chassis Lamps These are the 14V 0.12a bulbs behind the S-meter and VFO. Replaced in pairs for even illumination. Free installation.  $5 pair
Receiver Lamp This is a 16V bulb in-series with the receiver. It protects the sensitive front-end of the receiver against overload. Free installation and test with Alignment Service. Do not jumper around this bulb!  $2 ea
Felt Pads (3) The kHz frequency indicator ring on the Main VFO Tuning Knob is held in-place by three (3) felt rings. Over time the felt compresses and the ring slips causing errors during tuning. Free installation with Alignment Service.  $5 set
6JS6C Tubes A matched-pair of 6JSC6 Power Amplifier tubes. Only if a full replacement is necessary- or upon request. I have several of these in stock. Each pair is tested. Free burn-in, neutralization, and bias adjust with Alignment Service. $90 installed
12BY7A Tube This is the RF pre-driver amplifier tube. A weak pre-driver will make a good pair of 6JS6C tubes ($$) look bad! Everything must work together. Free burn-in, installation, and test with Alignment Service. $14 installed
AC Power Cord If your AC Power Cord is in bad shape, let me install a new cord on your Yaesu connector. A new 6-foot 3-prong power cord is installed. $12 installed


Additional FT-101 Services
-all old parts are returned for your inspection-
Service Description Price
Jackson Ball Drive The Main VFO and Tuning Knob are controlled by a 6:1 ratio Jackson Ball Drive. Sloppy or erratic tuning is a result of this device slipping. I highly recommend Felt Pad replacement (above) during this service. Fix it once and for all. Restore the original tuning feel. Includes installation. $25 total
High Voltage Filter Capacitors The large pair of High Voltage capacitors used as voltage-doubler provides the +600 Volts for the Power Amplifier tubes. This circuit is unregulated so it must be well filtered. New uprated 150uF/500V capacitors provide extra filtering. Includes installation and test. $20 pair
Regulator Board re-Cap Replace all of the electrolytic capacitors on the Regulator Board. Price includes parts and labor. Includes test and alignment (Precision 6V rail, Bias pot (60ma), and 10 MHz Frequency Calibrator). $45 total
FA-9 Fan Service The fan runs non-stop! It needs TLC. Remove and clean the FA-9 fan. Lubricate the bushings and check the gasket. Ensure fan voltage is 100V for silent operation.  $8 total
FT-101 Tube Test Send me your tubes. I will test each one and share the performance results with you. Use the USPS flat-rate "If it fits, it ships!" box to do this. $10 total