Yaesu FT-101 Repair
-Nothing but Yaesu FT-101 radios serviced here-

Shipping- Preparation is the key to success! Your FT-101 is both heavy and delicate. It weighs almost 35 lbs and has glass tubes.

All work requires a Repair Authorization before shipping!

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How to Ship- Please double-box your FT-101 after disconnecting all cords, connectors, and the front dial spinner. Please include your cords and microphone. Ideally, use the original FT-101 boxes. If the outside dimensions of the box is smaller than 18"w x 18"d x 16"h you have not packed it properly for transit. Every FT-101 website notes this. Staples has 18x18x16 boxes- and smaller ones- called "multi depth boxes", to nest your FT-101 in a double box. Do not use paper as packing material or filler. It compresses and loses its volume.

Where to Ship- The FT-101 Repair Mailing Address is:

   FT-101 Repair - R/Axxxxx   (your R/A Number)
   ATTN: Al Rabassa - NW2M
   17100 Amity Dr
   Rockville MD 20855-2562

How to Save- Websites have compared various shipping methods for various weights. As of this writing, the United Parcel Service (UPS) has the best rates for a 39 lb package (35 lbs radio + 4 lbs for boxes/packing) in a 18"x18"x16" form factor. I will be using your packing to return your FT-101. Boxes and packing must survive a round trip. Do not skimp on packing!


This is why I insist on double-boxing your valuable FT-101 radio! Your radio is both heavy and delicate. Steel with glass tubes. A properly packed FT-101 will tip the scales at 38-40 lbs. About every 15th box I receive looks like this. Properly packed, the radio always arrive without a scratch. The packing must survive a round-trip... so do not skimp on packing! This box is history-